Yup, his wife, Amy Grant.  They are a very musical couple and both are extremely familiar with Christian music.  Amy recorded her first album in 1977 and to date has 20 albums to her name.  But, this blog should be about her husband, Vince Gill and the fact that he will be honored by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce.

His star will be placed adjacent to his wife, Amy Grant's star, on the Walk of Fame, on Thursday, September 6.  Amy will be at the gala event, she is slated to be a speaker.  My favorite song that involves Vince, uses the voice talents of Carrie Underwood.  There has not been a time that I haven't watched this video that I didn't have tears in my eyes with the ending notes.  The emotion carried through the song is amazing.

Vince Gill and Carrie Underwood "How Great Thou Art"


Congrats on your "Star" Vince!!  Much deserved!!!