On Thursday, the Minneapolis City Council  approved the Minnesota Vikings stadium by a vote of 7-6, in  preliminary vote.  Friday morning, that vote held true and now the bill for a new Vikings stadium has cleared the final political hurdle.

Now committees will be formed and the final designs will be worked on so that ground can be broken on the new stadium in preparation for it being ready for the 2016 season.  Kudos to all the stadium supporters, who can now claim victory after many heated debates on the stadium bill.

I have been a stadium supporter as I believe if Minnesota ultimately lost the Vikings, it would be something the state would regret.  I think the biggest misconception was that the money used for the stadium could just as easily be used to house the homeless or help with other social programs.  That’s not the way it works, unfortunately.  Had it been put off, the costs would continue to climb so now was the time to do this.

When this stadium opens in four years stadium supporters, and those who opposed, will be there and the state will be better for it.  Now the biggest questions are to have a retractable roof or not and if the Vikings can field a good team by 2016.  The clock is ticking.