It may be hard to believe, but a new study shows that kids who aren't popular in school may experience more success in life.  Take Taylor Swift as an example.  Taylor today in the Taste Of Country Music News Minute explained that her mom was her only friend when she was 13.  She also recalled that no one would talk to her during lunch.  No doubt that gave her life experiences to write about and give her success.According to an author of the new book highlighted in this article from The Washington Post, kids are often bullying for their own individualistic ideas.

For the book, Robbins studied students and teachers at several high schools, including a few in the region. (She didn’t want to name the locals for fear of “outing” the students.) She concluded that the traits that often make kids unpopular, such as creativity, individuality, passion, can make them more interesting and successful adults. She calls it the “Quirk Theory.”

Robbins also says that it's important not to interfere unless the bullying is extreme.  Let the kids work it out.  What do you think?