Well, that's making lemonade out of lemons.  Many of our local outdoor sports teams have had to deal with the excessive snow while they are training, from softball to football to marathon training and cross country.  The University of Duluth football team is using our huge snowbanks to gain points on their coaches!  GO DOGS!

"Day #5 of the coaches challenge. Captain Nate Zuk and his team were called upon for the coaches’ challenge today. This team selected Coach John Steger for his challenge. Zuk and his team had to pick a player that would beat one of the coaches in a race to the top of a snow pile. This snow pile is in the end zone away from the scoreboard and the first to reach one of Coach Wiese’s crutches at the top wins the challenge. Coach Steger selected Coach Trey Dill and Zuk and his team selected linebacker Brent Stiglich. Clearly, Coach Dill was unsuccessful in his attempt to reach Coach Wiese’s crutch at the top of the snow pile. As a result, Nate Zuk and his team will be awarded ten points."