As a friend of mine told me, "It's the Wisconsin version of 'Two Black Cadillacs' by Carrie Underwood."  Here's how the bizarre story unfolded:

A man stopped at a tavern with a freshly killed buck in the back of his truck.  He got into an argument with two ladies at the bar.  The ladies then decided to get back at him by running over his deer with their car to break off the 8 pointer's antlers.  However, the deer was caught underneath their car and they pulled over when they realized somethings was wrong.

They called a friend, who came and helped them toss the deer in the river.  The women were both fined $2,150 for stealing live game.  The friend was fined $260 for assisting them.

You can't make this stuff up.   Best part?  The hunter was able to get his deer back from the bottom of the river.  Check out the original story at