Have a stump that you can't pull out of the yard for one reason or the other? Here's an idea for you! We didn't want to dig up the yard to get the stump out, and this is near our fire ring, so I decided to make a table. Pretty easy! Tools you'll need: skill saw, level, hammer, nails, tape measure.

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    Figure out how big you want the table to be.

    I went 19 inches long for the 2 2x4's I needed. I didn't want the table to be too big for the stump.

    Ken Hayes
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    Attach the 2x4's to the stump using a level.

    Easiest way is to put the first 2x4 on the trunk using one nail in the center. Once you have that attached, you can rotate it to get it level, then attach a second nail. I used 4 nails on each 2x4. Make sure that you have the top of the 2x4's either flush, or a 1/16" above the stump. You'll be putting boards over this shortly.

    Ken Hayes
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    Nail in 2x6's

    I used 2x6's to make the top of the table. I cut them at 21 inches long, and nailed them crossways over the 2x4's. Using a tape measure, match up the overhang over the supports so it is centered on the stump. I had about 2.5" of overhang on each side. When you nail it in, you should also nail the center board to the stump.

    Ken Hayes
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    Cut off corners

    I wanted to cut off the corners so that one of the kids doesn't smack their face into that sharp edge. I simply measure 4 inches of each of the corner, marked it with a pencil and drew a straight line in between. Then I used my jig saw to cut it. You could also use a skill saw, being careful to follow the line.

    Ken Hayes
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    All that's left to do is sand!

    Using a rough grit sand paper, sand down the edges.

    Ken hayes
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    All Done!

    A couple of notes: -You can obviously paint it if you want. -I used a nail gun, but hammer and nails would work. Also a screw gun would work as well. -If you would rather, you could do the same thing with a birdhouse on a stump, a chair, or anything else you would want!

    Ken Hayes