Like most kids, when I was young, I twisted my delicious Oreo gently, until it came apart allowing me to scrape that delectable cream against my teeth, leaving the crunchy, chocolate wafer to soak in my milk, happily at the familiar floating crumbs in my glass.  Then came, Double Stuff Oreos, double the cream....HEAVEN!  Now, Triple Double Oreos....I'm not good at I'm becoming a bit confused, but it's an Oreo...BRING IT!!Move over, deep fried Oreo, because you're no longer the belle of the indulgent sandwich cookie ball. Forget about it, Double Stuf Oreos, you were so 1975 (no, really, that's when they were released). This summer, there's a new sheriff in town: the Triple Double Oreo. Nabisco's newest cookie creation has three chocolate Oreo wafers with two layers of cream, one chocolate and one vanilla.

After the blog world and Twittersphere started buzzing, the snack company confirmed the new cookie sandwich with Nabisco admitted that "while we tried our best to safeguard this news, we couldn't hold back the buzz. " Adweek declares it the "Double Down of cream-filled cookies" and So Good blog calls the treat a "Big Mac style" Oreo.

If you really can't wait for these Oreos to land in stores, sign up on Amazon to be notified when the item becomes available. In the meantime, check out these other Oreo desserts.