Some days you just want to listen to the sounds found on the Park Point beach, but imagine laying comfortably on the warm sand,  soaking up the sun and having your favorite country singer crooning in your ears...  it's possible with this new techy gadget. 

A new beach towel with built-in speakers will connect to your iPod and pump out your favorite tunes while you relax on holiday this summer.

The hi-Sun towel has two speakers positioned either side of your head that connect to any portable music player.

They are built-in to a soft cushion that can be easily removed from the towel, allowing it to be washed.

Going places? The hi-tech beach towel folds into a rucksack for those on the move.

No more  battling with tangled headphones or annoying tan lines caused by cables trailing over their neck or body.

The amplified speakers are powered by a long-life lithium battery that is recharged through an integrated USB port. These are attached to a 3.5mm universal jack for your iPhone, iPod or any other type of MP3 player.

It is available in blue, pink, red or black and costs £54.99.