Okay guys, if you are striking out with women perhaps a career change is in order.  Here are the Top 10 Jobs Women Find Sexy that can pay enough to keep you happy too.


Number 10: Doctor

Women always have and always will love a doctor. Why? Because you get respect. You know her body and you can fix her body when it breaks down. Not to mention that it’s huge bragging points with her girlfriends. So if you have the drive to spend ten years in med school then I can guarantee you’ll spend the rest of your bachelor life playing doctor.

Number 9: Entrepreneur

No I don’t mean you’re a hot dog vendor or own a comic book store. I mean you invest in multiple businesses and make a killing doing it. Women crave men with power so make sure that if you’re going to invest in a new business you read number 5.

Number 8: Bodyguard

What’s sexier than a guy who will take a bullet? A guy who will take a bullet, knows celebrities and makes six figures. That’s where a bodyguard comes in. These guys pack a punch. And that’s what makes them number 8.

Number 7: Ad Exec

There’s a reason that Don Draper (Mad Men) gets a lot of attention and it’s because he’s charming, has style and golfs with the biggest players in town. For some reason women love a guy who can do all that and still work in a creative job.

Number 6: Fighter

Every woman wants to be protected and who can do that better than an MMA fighter? Sure many of these guys make very little money but this is about careers and if you have a career as a prize fighter then rest assured you’re making a good chunk of change. There’s a reason Tito Ortiz won Jenna Jamieson’s heart. Because he fought for it.

Number 5: Nightclub Owner

Every weekend millions of attractive women around the country go to their favorite nightclub in the hopes they’ll get in and meet Mr. Right. Well the owner is generally the person who everyone wants to know. Screw bouncers and bartenders, it’s the guy quietly sitting in the back who gets all the attention. He makes a lot of money, has the respect and usually drives a reasonably fantastic car. If you want VIP access into the vagina, then become an owner and give her VIP into your club.

Number 4: Politician

Every woman wants a man who everyone knows. There is no better card then being a politician. Everyone kisses your ass from businesses to cops to the ladies. Become a politician and you’ll be sure to get the same attention Clinton and Spitzer got from their many admirer