It's about time again to put away our summer machines:  boats, lawnmowers, motorcycles, etc.   Doing a few simple steps can really help ensure that in the spring it will run good.   Here we go!

Small Engines-

A tip I learned from a small engine mechanic was to run the carburetor out of gas every time you finish running your outboard motor.  This applies especially in fall.  You never know the last time you're going to get the boat out.  The most common problem with engines not running right is the carburetor getting gummed up.  It's easy to do... with most boat motors, just unplug the gas hose while it's running and wait for it to stop.   You'll be surprised how long it can go without the hose hooked up.


I've gone into detail before.   But the basics are:  change the oil, buy a battery tender, stabil in the gas tank.


Change the oil.   It's so nice to have it ready to go in the spring.  Also treat the gas, but you should already know that at this point.

Summer vehicles-

Some people have sports cars, hobby vehicles, etc that they only run in the summer.   Change the oil at the end of the season.   There is a scientific reason that deals with oil breakdown and how it affects engine components, but I won't go into it.  It's just better to change the oil.  Hook the battery up to a battery tender.   Batteries are expensive nowadays, save yourself a $100.