It's been a little frustrating, hasn't it?  A lot of us were really hopeful that last year the I-35 Mega Project was done.  2 years of avoiding I-35, and using alternate routes was finally over, right?  Wrong.  Not quite yet.  According to the MN Dot website, it should be completed by June.  To add to the frustration, work has begun on the Blatnik Bridge.

I understand this stuff needs to be done, and I understand it's good for the economy.  But what a pain in the ass!  Now traffic in Superior is jamming up Belknap street trying to get onto the Bong Bridge.  Once you do get over the Bong Bridge, you end up right in the middle of another traffic jam.  The photo you see above wasn't even on the interstate, it was near 40th Ave West.

Grand Avenue is a nightmare during rush hours, and there have been quite a bit of traffic accidents already on the interstate.  A friend of mine was rear ended yesterday at about 4:30 on the interstate.

I've offered up some tips on how to deal with the road construction nightmare.

-Don't ever leave your house

-Swim across the river if you're only going for a short trip.

-Have a drink ready to go when you get home.

-Drive between the hours of 8pm-4am.

-Take a class in meditation.

-Or just take medication.

-Fill up your tank, and empty your bladder before you leave.

-Just walk, you can even walk across the bong bridge.

-Check out the MN Dot webcams and decide whether or not it's even worth venturing out.