Wow, I can't imagine not having taxes done for 2011, I'm already starting to try and get papers organized for our next filing period.  If you are a resident of Wisconsin and you are still planning to file an extension for your taxes, time is running out. I want to help!  Here is some information provided by the State of WI Department of Revenue that may be helpful.

First, the actual Filing Deadline is October 15.  That's the clock you're working against.  If you are working on your individual income tax return and had filed for an extension, make sure it's in by Monday, October 15 to avoid penalties and late filing fees.

They DOR says the BEST way to accomplish this is by filing your return electronically or E-filing.  It's the most accurate and secure way to file.  Plus they offer free, secure electronic tax filing from its website at

Bad at math like me?  Their program offers WI fill-in tax forms that do the math for you, and are available 24/7.  So it's convenient to your lifestyle and will help prevent errors.   You'll receive confirmation once your tax return has been received and any refund can be deposited directly into a savings or checking account.  Super easy!

Just so you're aware, while an extension allows you more time to file the tax return, the department must charge 1% interest per month from the original due date if you owe state taxes. Payments are also due on October 15, so be prepared.

 Taxpayers who filed an extension with the IRS automatically receive a state extension. You must attach a copy of the IRS extension to your Wisconsin tax return to show you filed the extension request. Please keep a copy of the IRS extension application, Form 4868, for your records.

If you need help or have any questions, please visit or call (608) 266-2772.

Take a month breather, then start gathering your tax information again, sigh!