Everyone has their secrets to staying together. I hear this one over and over, laugh together, laugh often, laugh at yourself, and laugh at each other. Tim McGraw and Faith Hill must do a lot of laughing together. Here's Two examples:

Tim and Faith are putting on their show Soul2Soul in Vegas, when you have a show you need to advertise to let people know you are there performing. So Faith and Tim did, but The Venetian, the place they are at, released this reel of bloopers.

Now to illustrate the fact that they laugh together. Southern food is the best, I've read in many places that Tim learned how to make a lot of traditional southern food. (Being from Louisiana himself) and that is how he woo-ed Faith Hill.

She ain't no slouch either, she makes traditional cornbread in the video.

Oprah asked the couple to cook their favorite meal and they didn't want to come in the studio, they wanted to be comfortable at home. So here they are together in their cooking segment. They really love to laugh at each other, just watch. (BTW I made the meal.....it's good)