You will soon find new additions to the Lakewalk in Duluth.  The Friends of the Lakewalk, in partnership with the City of Duluth,will start by installing three new information kiosks, with more to come.  You don't have to be a tourist to appreciate information about things we have come to take for granted in our city.

The first of the three kiosk will commemorate the shipwreck of the Mataafa in 1905. That one is located along the Lakewalk as you approach the Duluth Shipping Canal.  It will tell the tragic story of the Mataafa which floundered at the Duluth Shipping Canal in a November storm that included gale-force winds, ice, freezing temperatures and difficult currents. Nine sailors lost their lives that night as Duluthians looked on in horror, unable to mount a rescue owing to the heavy seas.

Two additional kiosks tell the story of the creation of the beautiful Image Wall at Lake Place Park. Not only do the mosaic images tell the story of Duluth’s waterfront history, they beautify what would otherwise have been a dull concrete wall. The wall was necessary as Interstate 35 was constructed through Duluth. The Mosaics are a testament to both the maritime history of Duluth and the creativity of the architects, artists and others involved in the project.

These three new information kiosks are part of an ongoing project to enhance the cultural and historical value of the Duluth Lakewalk which is frequented by residents and millions of tourists at all times of the year.

Watch for future information kiosks to be installed that will provide information about Tischer Creek and Glensheen, the Lakeside Business District, and other landmarks along the Lakewalk from Canal Park to Brighton Beach.

This project is supported with funding from the Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation through the City of Duluth Parks and Recreation Department grants program.

The Friends of the Lakewalk is a private non-profit organization dedicated to preserving, protecting and improving the Duluth Lakewalk. For more information about the kiosks, or for membership information, contact Andrea Agar, President at:

Information via:  City of Duluth Press Release