We all know Ken Hayes for being grumpy, hungry, and the guy that picks on Cathy Kates in the morning. He is actually more than that. I am continuing my here and now series with Ken Hayes.

Ken Hayes is an outdoorsman. He once moved to the north pole in search of the elusive abomidable snowman. Ken is very good at fishing and hunting because he had to live off the land. Eventually it led to a role on a tv show. Ken played a character who befriends Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer.  When the show stopped shooting, Ken became friends with Herbie, and aspiring dentist. Ken and Herbie shared a place in Alaska and eventully moved to the range. Ken realized he wanted to go into radio and studied at the Santa Claus conservatory.

Ken then moved to the Twin Ports and became the missing link to the Breakfast Club. After being on the radio for a few years, it was only fate that Ken met his wife at a sled dog championship in Two Harbors.