I have been doing some searching to find out what each of us on B105 did before you knew us as the Radio entertainers that we are. I will start with Cathy Kates.

She used to be the lead singer for Journey. When Steve Perry and Steve Ojeri left the band Cathy Kates took over and toured very shortly with them. Most people hear her sing in short spurts on the Breakfast Club morning show on B105. Some time ago she took a short break from radio and toured with Journey. Playing with bands like Def Leppard, Foreigner, and Loverboy. Look it up on CMT, you can see Cathy singing with RascalWhat is her favorite song to sing? "Don't Stop Believin'". Real Journey fans still stop her from time to time in public to have her sing one of Journey's hits. Now you know!!  Thanks to Cathy for her sense of humor.