I've had a curse put on since the last walleye I missed in July 2006.  I had pretty good luck, catching nice walleyes all that summer.  Then one day, I missed the biggest walleye of my life.  The thing was huge, well over 30 inches.  My buddy went for the net as I screamed like a little girl.  If there was an award for the slowest person in the world, it would have been him that day.  It took him for eternity to put his beer down, grab the net and make it to me.    Just as he put the net in the water, the walleye snapped the line.  SON OF A BITCH!!!

I cursed the heavens that day and said "Damn you walleye!  I don't care if I ever catch another!"

Careful what you wish for.  I didn't really mean what I said.  I was just yelling out in frustration.  What happened next was truly unbelievable.  I was cursed for the next 6 years.

I've been fishing countless times since that day, and didn't catch a walleye for 6 years.  I've been on fishing outings where everyone else in the boat had caught several walleyes, and didn't catch one.  We were even using the same lures, bait, everything.  I would catch everything from northerns to perch to rock bass to crappies to suckers to bullheads to sun fish, etc.  Not a single walleye for 6 years.

This Saturday the curse was lifted.  My friend Jim had caught 2 walleyes already, and I had one perch and a Northern.  Then I felt a tug on my line.  I pulled in a small 11 inch walleye.

The clouds broke apart in the sky, the sun shined down directly on me, a choir of angels sang, and I could feel the curse lifted.   What a glorious day!

Jim looked at me and said, "Eh, at least you got one."

Yes, yes I did.

Next two fish were northerns, and both broke my rig.  Back to the same old luck, but let's hope not!