Last night The Walking Dead did something pretty unconventional in a TV series.  They completely left the main ensemble out of the episode and focused on the Woodbury community and introducing us to new characters, like the fascinating Govenor.  Guess what?  It totally worked.  It was a slower paced episode, heavy on the dialogue, but nonetheless very entertaining.

I'm not going to take you step by step through the episode, because I'm assuming you've watched it already if you're a fan.  I'd like to rather focus on analyzing the episode and sharing what we may have learned.

The mystery of the old adage "If it's too good to be true..." is what really keeps this show interesting.  When we first see the guys arrive at the scene of the helicopter crash, nothing seems too out of the ordinary.  They seem to be decent people.  Yeah, The Governor took out the sliced in half army crew, but that's what you have to do.  Then Merle is introduced, and you immediately get an uneasy feeling.  If Merle can get along with these guys, maybe they aren't so good.

As the show progresses, you start to realize that The Governor is a little too smooth.  His secret lab with his mad scientist is interesting, and you wonder what The Governor has up his sleeves.  Then we he kills the entire group of army men with his unit, there's no doubt that this world has turned this guy into a cold blooded killer.

But wait?  Maybe he just did some cold calculating and he's not really a monster?  The scene at the end with the zombie heads in fish tanks makes it clear.   This guy is bat freaking crazy.

I really like the character of The Governor.  David Morissey plays him quite well.  Is it a coincidence we meet him a week before our elections, because he seems like on hell of a politician.  Actually, probably a quiet dictator.  Ruling the people, without them feeling like it.

He didn't want the soldiers in his Woodbury, because they could sway the power control.  He just wanted their gear, so he took care of them.  Michonne and he are going to have problems.  Andrea I'm guessing is going to get close enough to him to realize he is a wacko.  But will it be too late to back out?  That's my predicition.

Can these walls that he is so fond of really keep out the zombies?  Andrea asks him what happens if there is a horde, and he reply's "the walls will hold."  The National Guard couldn't keep the hordes from overtaking their posts, but the Governor is confident.   One thing he does have that the military didn't have at the beginning of the apocalypse is the knowledge of how to deal with walkers in a cool and calm matter.  And that's what The Governor exudes.  Cool, calm, authority.  With a side of a few screws loose.

And judging the preview from next week, it may not be too long before we see the two stories merge.