At Comic-con this weekend The Walking Dead released a trailer for the upcoming season.  It looks to be action packed and full of conflict.

At the end of Season 3 we saw all of Woodbury join the prison.  They seemed to have fortified it well, but it also seems like someone is using the walkers against them.  The line "Is Somebody feeding them?" suggests that maybe the Governor is messing with them.  Remember, that psycho is still on the loose.

We also see some of the other members step up in screen time.  Our favorite Daryl is still being as cool as ever.   It also appears that Rick is still trying to figure out how to be a leader.  Hershel  adds his haunting monologue about risking your life, and Maggie and Glen are seen shagging again.

So a lot of the story lines continue in the trailer.   Zombies... people fighting people... perimeter breaks... we need to run... etc.

And then in the last two seconds we have hope.  That alone will be the biggest part of season 4.