"When The Dead Come Knocking" episode brought some interesting elements and set up the scene for a killer mid season finale next week.  We also learned what Milton's experiment was, and we are ever so close to a brotherly reunion.So first off, most of the episodes title can say something about the episode.  You know... they make sense.  I don't get the relevance of "When The Dead Come Knocking..."  Am I missing something?  Please help me out.  My guess is it's a play on words for when "death comes knocking... duh"  and it's referring to the old guy dying and the experiment that Milton does.  His goal:  see if any part of the soul or person is still there when they turn.  Andrea tells him he's nuts for thinking that, and when he first sees one turn himself I think we can assume he peed his pants a little.  Then rushed off to record his findings after the old guy sprung to life and tried to grab him.  Thankfully Andrea put him down before Milton turned into a hot pocket- protector snack for the old guy.

I'm looking forward to seeing Merle & The Governor die.  As I've said before I haven't read the comics and I don't know if and when they do die, I'm just saying I really hope we get to see it.  The way they treat and interrogate Glen & Maggie really brings out the evil in both of them.  I didn't realize how much I like the Glen & Maggie relationship until now when we are in a great threat of losing it.

So Rick and the gang are on a rescue mission to Woodbury.  From the previews from next week, it looks like it's not going to be a diplomatic negotiation.  Merle and Daryl will reunite, but will Merle stay loyal to the Governor and fight his brother?

And that brings us to the Governor - he's scared.  He knows they overtook a prison and that they are a sizeable force that could pose a threat to his town.  And there's no turning back.  He's already made threats to Glen and Maggie and there isn't a way to resolve this peacefully.  Both teams know where the other is and it doesn't look like they will establish a sister city friendship.

So a few other random thoughts:

  • What the hell was with the mountain man in the wood shed?  Did he really say, "I'll call the cops."  Was he crazy?  Or did he really have no idea that we are in a zombie world?  That was very strange, not to mention that he could sleep through a group running into his little hut.
  •  The Governor is a pervert with power.  When he ordered Maggie to take off her shirt was that for him to get a little power trip or to scare Glen into giving up the prison?
  • Andrea has to figure out her loyalty too.  She's falling for the Governor, but she's got the old gang and michonne coming back.  You know Michonne would like to save her, but will she be saved?