Last night things picked back up again in The Walking Dead.  After episode 4 where all the crazy, heart pounding, gut wrenching action took place, episode 5 seemed a little slow and dragged a bit.  You have to expect that, because you can't have an episode 4 every week if you know what I mean.  Still Ep. 6 "Hounded" gave us enough to chew on and then some until next Sunday.  Let's start with good ol' Merle.

Just when we thought that maybe, just maybe Merle isn't as crazy as he was in season 1, he's proven he's still one rotten apple.  The Governor orders Merle and the gang to hunt down Michonne and kill her.  After he went after her and she sliced and diced a couple of his guys, Merle winged her with his gun and decided she was a good as dead.  When the remaining surviving member of his posse Guartulo something or other (I can't say his name either, Merle) said he wasn't going to lie to the Governor that they killed Michonne, Merle shoots him.  Ok Merle.  You're still a big jerk.

Then, Merle stumbles upon Glen and Maggie and somehow kidnaps them.  They should have just shot him.  Anyone else just screaming at the TV "shoot the hillbilly!  shoot him!  You don't have to tell Daryl, just shoot him!"

Ok maybe, that's a little cold blooded, but seriously how is this going to go down?  Daryl has become a vital part of the group, and now there's no way they are going to take kindly to Merle.  Not to mention Michonne, which we'll get to in a bit.

Do you think Daryl would split off with Merle?  I don't think that will happen.  Especially now that Daryl has found Carol.  By the way, here's a told you so #1:  Carol didn't die!  I had some people arguing with me that she was for sure dead.  And while we are on it:

Told you so #2:  Rick lost his freaking mind and imagined those phone calls!  Last week, that's what I figured.  Check it out for yourself.  The phone calls did exactly what I thought they would, they pulled Rick back from insanity.  Well, I guess that's a little debatable yet.

So let's get to Michonne... You got to love the "biter-gram" she left for the gang.   Then, she follows it up with a ninja scene where she pops out of thin air and takes out two of the guys.  I can see why everyone says she's their favorite in the comic book.  As she's trying to escape from Merle and the walkers, she discover's Rick's trick in season 1 of covering yourself with walker guts.  It was an accident that she got covered, but it sure worked well.  That brings us to her walking in a crowd of walkers to the prison with the supplies.  Apparently walkers don't identify the living by accessories, because she was carrying a grocery basket with formula.

So now you've got Michonne hanging out with the prison game next episode.  You have to assume that somewhere in there Daryl will find out his brother is still alive.  But is Michonne going to let on that she's Merle's new #1 enemy?  And will the gang learn that Andrea is alive and well?  This is turning into kind of a head spinning "who knows who?" game.  I had to stop and ask myself several times if this character knew this character and blah blah blah.

Oh and one last thing:  Andrea and the Governor.  Yikes.  What a little hussy.  Not to mention he's totally using her.  But what is his goal?  Hmmm..  I guess we'll find out.