The momentum continued from the first episode of season 3, picking up right where we left off.  They cart lefty (Hershel) back to their cell block and the new prisoners follow them back.  Right off the bat there was tension between dirt bag Tomas (the prison leader) and Rick.

After some deliberation, Rick offers them to keep half their food and in return, they would help clear out a new cell block for the prisoners.  What is nice about this is it all happened within a couple of minutes.  Last season this agreement probably would have taken several episodes.

So they get too it...  Meanwhile, back in the blood soaked prison cot, Hershel  (Lefty) is clinging onto life.  We get to see a pretty exciting moment when Hershel quits breathing, and Lori revives him with CPR.  He startles when he comes back to life, and for a quick moment we are worried he's a walker.  But nope, still good old Hershel.

Ok, now back to crazy prisoners and "cold blooded Rick and the gang."  (Sounds like a good 70's band name.)  During the course of clearing out the cell blocks, the big cuddly bear gets scratched by a walker.  Tomas, the leader wastes no time hacking him to death.  It seemed pretty cold, and the guy obviously has an anger issue.  At least that's one prisoner we don't have to worry about.

Next, they get to a door where they have to open it.  They all know there are walkers on the other side.  Rick tells Tomas to open 1 door only.  Tomas the dumbass opens both doors, and even throws a walker at Rick hoping to kill him.  Rick survives, thanks to Daryl, and isn't too pleased with Tomas.  He expresses this with a machete to the head.  Tomas is no longer a concern.  Meanwhile another prisoner runs away with a gun.  Rick chases him out of the prison and he stumbles upon a game of basketball in the courtyard by the walkers.  Who immediately eat him. (who's shirts, who's skins?)

Now we are down to 2 prisoners.  One guy, pansy ass mustache dude begs for his life.  The other guy says he's done begging, so shoot him if you have to.  They get them set up in a cell block and leave them be.  Let's hope they stay there and are afraid enough of Rick.

Which brings us to the new Rick.  I'll say I love the character, even though he's not such a loving guy anymore.  He used to carefully weigh every decision, worry about morality, and only kill as a last resort.  He's realizing in this new world there is no time to waste.  If someone threatens the group, they're done.

Also it was a pretty cold scene from Rick between him and Lori.  She basically tells him she's a bad wife and a horrible mom.  He says he appreciates her saving Hershel's life.  And that's it.  He walks away, leaving her with a pat on the back.  We can now see that she is no longer his wife, just one of the group now.

And last but not least, what a gross way to go to crash course med school of the apocalypse.  Carol is practicing her c- section skills on a decayed walker, and there's a peeping tom watching.  Who is it?  My guess is someone from the Govenor's place.  A character we have been greatly anticipating, and looks like we will see next week: