If you think about it, Brats are pretty amazing....you can stuff almost anything into a sausage like casing and call it a brat.  I've had Chicken Italiano, Hawaiian, Mushroom and Swiss.....and that's just a few.  BUT, now I've heard everything....Gummy Bear Brats?  From a company in Hugo, MN!

Karla Hult of Kare 11 in Mpls/St. Paul tells us that Grundhofer's Old-fashioned Meats in Hugo, MN is well-known for their brats.

The concept of Gummy Bear Brats was born when the owner of Grundhofer's asked for customer input and Gummy Bears was a suggestion.

I haven't tasted one myself.....YET!  But, from what Karla Hult's  report,  it's a taste of both sweet and sour that has made people fans.  They make between 50 and 75 pounds of it, weekly to keep up with demand.

Information via:  Kare 11 Minneapolis/St. Paul