Located about 37 miles from Duluth on the west side of the Upper St. Croix Lake, Solon Springs is this weeks B105 'Our Town'. Solon Springs was not the original name of the town, any guesses what is was called? Find out the answer and get other fascinating historical facts about one of our favorite towns, Solon Springs after the jump.

  • The first written record of a permanent settlement in the area is of a Chippewa Village on Crownhart Island on Lake St. Croix in 1832
  • Solon Springs was first called White Birch.
  • Charles Lord was the first white man to settle in White Birch in 1855
  • Renamed Solon Springs after South Superior resident Tom F. Solon built a water bottling factory in White Birch, the name Solon Springs was adopted as a tribute to him in 1896.
  • Like many towns in the Northland, Solon Springs prospered thanks to logging.
  • The first US Postal Service office was built in 1885.
  • A logging camp was located in the area where modern day Main Street is.