Paris Hilton is no longer cool, carrying her tiny pooch in a handbag.  The newest way to tote your live load, is ergonomically correct, and called a Puppoose.  Would YOU do it?

The Puppoose is the most ergonomically designed, natural way to carry your pet. The luxuriously lightweight, soft fabric makes using this carrier a breeze! The Puppoose fits any small dog and any person! Its crocheted design has 4 holes at the base for the pets limbs, 4 adjustable straps to adjust the length, a neck cushion for your comfort and safety strap to ensure your pets security. Its hands-free convenience allows more quality time together!

Each product is beautifully hand crafted and checked extensively by our quality control department. We ensure that every Puppoose passes our high standards and is guaranteed original.

It comes in a variety of colors and will set you back about $55.00.  Consider a Puppoose stuffer as your unique stocking stuffer THIS year!

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