How romantic!  A new machine allows you to get married for a buck.  Is it a legal union?  Not really but it's pretty funny and I can see people doing this for fun.  Plus, maybe this will help cut down on last minute, drunken quickie Vegas weddings.


Marvin Yagoda says that he teamed up with a friend overseas to create the machine. “It’s a beautiful pink machine, at the top it’s got my picture called Married For A Buck? Local Inventor Has Machine!Minister Marvin and then it’s got a nice little keyboard,” said Yagoda.

Inventor Marvin Yagoda calls it the Wedding Machine; you put in a dollar and get a pair of rings and a certificate.

“Then you have to type in your names in this thing and then it says ‘do you take this lovely…whatever it is…to be whatever it is…and goes through a little ceremony, then you get a nice wedding certificate,” said Yagoda.

Yagoda says anyone can do it: “I could marry myself, I guess.”