You were secretly hoping they'd blow into the neighbors yard, but they haven't, so you took time over the weekend and raked.  Now, you have huge garbage bags full of leaves sitting on the side of your house.  Other than the orange bag that you filled to look like a pumpkin for the season, what are you going to do with them?  Here's your answer and it's free!

You know if you leave them sit by the side of your house, the snow will eventually cover them up and you won't have to deal with them until Spring, when they are soggy, heavy and you just want to get the camper or the boat out and tinker with them!  The City of Duluth is your answer!  More specifically, the Rose Garden.

The City of Duluth Parks Division is asking you to bring your bagged leaves to the Rose Garden on London Road.   The bags of leaves will be used to protect the hundreds of rose bushes you enjoy throughout the spring and summer months.   There will be a designated spot near the entrance to the park to place the bags of leaves.

The City of Duluth thanks you for helping protect the rose bushes through the winter.