I've learned this a couple of times, and know it to be true. I took JJ and Sam to Disney World, Lego World, and several other fish and kiddie hang outs. Most recently I took Sam to The Mighty Thomas Shows. When I was at Disney, I called my Aunt Lynn, Mom and Dad and thanked them for taking me to all the fairs and parks that they did when we were kids.

Why? When I was a kid, if I wanted to play a game, ride a ride, or do something, we did it and it was fun. Not a thought about what went in to that fun. How much work it might be waiting in line, getting a fast pass, hauling around autograph book. Now that I am an adult, I see the facts. For example, Sam went on rides, it costs money for ride tickets, but we bought them. He wanted to throw darts for a stuffed animal, or bounce a ball for a Giant stuffed animal. We did it!!

Not a thought for him about the cost of playing those games or riding the rides. That's the way it should be. He had so much fun, just like JJ and Sam had fun at all the other parks and places we took them. These are what memories are made of, and what I hoped was he would remember us taking him, remember he broke more balloons, than I did and that made him laugh.

I hope he remembers getting the cotton candy, getting to meet Lightning McQueen, laughing riding a Monster Truck, sliding down a bouncy house, meeting a dinosaur....you see what I am getting at. I only have great memories of going to the places I did and playing and being a kid. Someday, maybe Sam or JJ will call me and say, thanks for all the fun we had, I just realized how much work and money you put into it.

So, call your parents, and thank them, now you know what it took for you to have fun.