This Memorial Day weekend, Cathy and I both went camping to separate locations.  My family decided to join some friends and go camp in the rustic northwoods.  Cathy and her husband went and parked their RV in a casino parking lot.  Ok, so it's a "campground."    Check out the pictures and the drastic differences, it'll make you smile.

First, they set up their living space:

And we set up ours:

Let's compare sleeping arrangements.  Here's Cathy's:

And here's ours:

Later that night, we both enjoyed a fire.  Here is Cathy around her electronic "fire like" fireplace:

And here was our fire:

The next morning, it was time for breakfast.  Here's cathy's:

And here was ours:

Later that day, we had dinner.  Cathy ate at the casino's buffet:

We had hobo dinners (cooked in tin foil over fire )

And finally, we enjoyed the scenic wonders of camping.  Cathy watched tv:

And I sat on the beach.

But, you know what?  We both had a blast camping our own way.


Oh, and here's a bonus picture of us freezing in our tent and trying to stay warm in the early morning: