Hola!  My daughter Kylee recently returned from a trip to Costa Rica with her spanish class and times sure have changed!

First of all, COSTA RICA?  When I was a Senior at Wrenshall, we took a Greyhound Bus to Washington DC...hours and hours on a bus with classmates....HOURS.....stopping at truck stops to do washcloth showers, sleeping in a cramped chair with so-called friends tieing your shoelaces to the chair arms and shoving peanut butter up my nostrils, well, you get the picture.

Kylee had a great life experience and  SO much fun learning a different culture and using her newly learned Spanish language out of necessity, instead of just for fun.

But, times have changed~back when I was young, we would make our pictures into slides, get out the big ackward screen and dig the noisy slide projector out of the back of the guest bedroom closet.  Then proceed to sit for hours and watch slide after slide with narration from Auntie Mildred.

NOW, Kylee downloaded her pictures to her laptop and her boyfriend's family, father, Homie and I sat in the Sand Bar at Grandma's Saloon and Deli....looking at the pictures, laughing, enjoying great food and asking questions.  Much more bearable than the slide projector show in my mother's living room!

While technology has taken away some opportunities make memories, I still sometimes find myself in awe and appreciation of just how far our technology has advanced!  We love you Kylee, so happy you're home safe!