THERE ARE PEANUT BUTTER CUPS IN THESE S'MORES!!!  Need I say "smore"?  I am SOOOOO going to try this during our 4th of July camping trip...(shhh, not telling anyone else...), so when they whip out their ingredients to make the usual s'mores...I'm going to secretly whip these up and BAM!  Knock their socks off!  And, it's easy....they only thing I'll have to worry rain!

4 Servings (I'll have to double-triple my recipe!!!)

Prep/Total Time: 10 min.  (add a few minutes for the men in the camping party to crack open a beer and start the fire)


8 large chocolate chip cookies

4 teaspoons hot fudge ice cream topping

4 large marshmallows

4 peanut butter cups


Spread the bottoms of four cookies with fudge topping.

Using a long-handled fork, grill marshmallows 6 in. from medium-hot heat until golden brown, turning occasionally. Carefully place a marshmallow and a peanut butter cup on each fudge-topped cookie; top with remaining cookies. Serve immediately. Yield: 4 servings. (MAKE, EAT & REPEAT)

Email and let me know what you think????  Have a fun family week-end, be safe!