Even if the Twins lose, it's still a great time going to Target Field.  I've wanted to go since it opened last year, but I just haven't had the time or the tickets.  Well on monday night's game versus the mariners, my wife and I got to experience it for the first time.  It was even cooler than I imagined.Some of my fondest memories are going to Twins games at the Metrodome.  I remember my first dome dog, the first time I saw Kirby Pucket hit a home run.  Of the dozen or so games I went to at the metrodome, we won every time.  I considered myself a good luck charm to the team.  Well after last Monday, maybe the good luck charm doesn't apply to the new field.  It still was a blast to go experience it.

The coolest thing about Target Field is that it's completely open.  I'm not just talking about the open air park, but the fact that you can see the game from basically anywhere in the complex.  Even if you're are up getting a hot dog or a beer!  There also really isn't a bad seat in the park.  All the sections face the field, so it's none of those awkward sitting positions trying to face the game.

Yes, it is a ball park, and the prices are as always ridiculous on things.  The average price of a beer?  $7.25 for a 16 oz.  Hot dog?  $ 4.oo.  However, there is $1.00 dogs on Mondays.  They have walleye fingers, chicken fingers, pizza, fresh roast beef sandwiches.  They also have barbecue stands and many more options, so if you bring enough money, you can have quite the array of foods.

Also, it's good to know that they do have family sections.  With the family tickets you get a free hot dog, chips, and small pop.  There's no alcohol allowed in those sections, so you can rest easy that your kids aren't going to be exposed to a drunk idiot at the park.

I really suggest going to a game.  If you're worried about getting around downtown and finding parking, I suggest taking the light rail.  We parked at the Mall of America and took the light rail right to the twins game.  It's about a half an hour trip and it drops you right off at the ballpark.  Be aware that you will probably have to wait at the end of the game for a trip back.  There's lots of people that take it.