There is so much negativity, and bullies and haters. Everyone seems to be a critic. I went to a concert one time and read what the critic said the next day and wondered if the writer was jealous of the artist, ever went to the show, or just didn't like the music the artist did.

Having the job I do, I hear a lot of complaining about different things. Sometimes they don't like the concert, sometimes it's that I didn't pick their name for a prize, sometimes it's the new song from an artist we play a lot. Sometimes, it's me. I have listened to some awful things about myself.

When I saw this Jimmy Kimmel bit, it reminded me of talking to a listener who hated me and had to tell me. I really think it's easier to handle if you take on face to face.

So what if we had to read all the mean things people said about us, how would you handle it? Here's how some musicians handled it. Warning, there is language, it's beeped out, but I'm warning you.