The Walking Dead Season 3 Midseason Finale Review
Well Merle and Daryl are finally reunited!  The Governor lost an eye, Oscar who we barely knew died, a surprise appearance from Shane (WHAT?!), Carol isn't a lesbian, and fresh blood in the prison.  Who else can't wait until February?
The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 6 ‘Hounded’ Review
Last night things picked back up again in The Walking Dead.  After episode 4 where all the crazy, heart pounding, gut wrenching action took place, episode 5 seemed a little slow and dragged a bit.  You have to expect that, because you can't have an episode 4 every week if you know what I mean.  Stil…
Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 4 “Killer Within” Review
Usually you'll get my recap and review of The Walking Dead Monday mornings, and this week I am a day late.  I was out of town and had to DVR the show, which I then watched last night.   It's been 12 hours since I saw the episode, and I can honestly say that I am still uncomf…
Zombie Pranks Fast Food Drive-Thrus
In the spirit of Halloween, here is a video of a man in zombie making driving through various fast-food restaurant drive-thrus and demanding chicken nuggets. Maybe our favorite reaction comes from the lady who silently closes the window and locks it...
The Walking Dead “Walk With Me” Review
Last night The Walking Dead did something pretty unconventional in a TV series.  They completely left the main ensemble out of the episode and focused on the Woodbury community and introducing us to new characters, like the fascinating Govenor.  Guess what?  It totally worked.  I…
The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 2 “Sick” Recap
The momentum continued from the first episode of season 3, picking up right where we left off.  They cart lefty (Hershel) back to their cell block and the new prisoners follow them back.  Right off the bat there was tension between dirt bag Tomas (the prison leader) and Rick.
Zombies Overtake Columbus, Screaming Ensues
This video is basically just a bunch of people reacting predictably to a zombie man chasing them, but there are a few treasure moments in this prank on the people of Columbus; namely a woman who threatens to use self-defense on one zombie, and a guy who's bike will not go no matter how fast he …
Westboro Baptist Church Counter Protested By Zombies [VIDEO]
Yep, it's a strange headline but it pretty much sums it up.  The small Kansas church of jerks planned to picket a military base in Washington State.   Once word got out, some locals decided to make a facebook page, urging people to counter protest dressed like zombies.

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