A Mother Of A Lost Child At Wal-Mart Shocks Us With Her Reaction
Recently while at Wal-Mart I witnessed a woman helping a lost child find her mother. What happened when her mother arrived was both appalling and rude.  Not only did she shock the woman who took the time to help her child, she shocked the Wal-Mart employee we were dealing with in the pharmacy a…
Imagine My Surprise When I Ran Across Escargot At Wal-Mart
Yup, what you see in the picture is giant snail shells.  The word Escargot means "edible snail".  Honestly, when I saw the container of snail shells in water, I thought it would look cute on my coffee table with a floating candle on the top.  I rarely see escargot on…
SHARE Food Drive Begins This Saturday for Duluth Chum
Local Boy Scouts and Chum will be doing the annual SHARE Food Drive this Saturday at grocery stores in Duluth & Cloquet between 8 AM and 4PM.  This is an easy way to help out local families by donating cash or food items at the participating grocery stores.

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