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Watch These Amazing Match Chain Reaction Videos! [VIDEO]
I stumbled on some pretty cool videos of match chain reactions.  The first is pretty simple but pretty amazing.  It's just a chain reaction of 6000 matches lighting.  The sound is unbelievable.  After that I found some more incredible designs as well.  Check them out!
This Video Will Make You Put That Cell Phone Down!
It's ironic that a viral video about anti-social media is being shared on social media, but that's where I found it.  My daughter had posted it on her facebook page and after watching it and reading her post "makes you think twice", I sent her a message saying "You. Me. The Lakewalk w…
A Man Documents the Year 2013 With Just A Second A Day [VIDEO]
I found this today, and just had to share it.  It's really cool!   Kent Frost is a photographer who put together a video of moments from 2013.  Each day is a 1 second clip.   While a lot of it is his personal life, you also see a lot of the big events that we all r…
The Best Viral Videos of 2011 — Chosen by You!
The votes have been tallied and YOU, our lovely TheFW readers, have selected the best viral videos of the year in the categories of dogs, cats, animals, babies, kids, and dance, as well as most heartwarming video, and biggest internet sensation.
Now we present all of our winners — like Randall the Ho…

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