Why Make A Vegetarian Burger That Bleeds?
I have several friends that are either Vegan or Vegetarian.  Yes, there's a difference.  My friend that is a vegetarian will still eat some fish and shrimp and I always know I can toss a salad her way and she'll be good.  However, when I cook for my friends who are Vegan, it is a bit more difficult.…
Today’s Food Choices Made Hosting A Football Party Interesting
My husband Homie had finally finished his man cave and wanted to christen it with a football party.  He chose the Viking/Packer game.  Every year (that I don't work) we host a Super Bowl party and serve egg rolls and puncit (a Filipino dish made with noodles, veggies and chicken broth…
The Bite Of A Lone Star Tick Can Turn You Into A Vegetarian
The two smaller ticks shown in the photo are the Lone Star ticks, because of the lone white spot on it's back.
According to the researchers at the University of Virginia, an allergic reaction can happen if saliva from the tick gets into your bloodstream.  The allergy is to MEAT!