My Most Stupid Rummage Sale Purchase to Date [VIDEO]
We camped this past weekend in Anoka and while on a long bike ride decided to stop at a few rummage sales (because it was a nice part of town)!  I quite possibly made the most stupid purchase of a unique item that I was thrilled to get for a buck.  Have you ever seen one of these?
Amazing Hand-Stitched Vogue Magazine Covers
I cross stitch, when I have time, which is usually once, in the summer, sitting at the campfire with a head lamp on..... probably why I'll never be good enough to hand stitch the cover of a magazine.  Check this out!  It's amazing!
New Delicious Bakery PushCakes!
Remember push-ups?  Wait, maybe I should be more specific....remember push-up ice cream?  I thought the packaging was cool, but didn't like the orange flavored ice cream....well, now I think I would dig these!  PUSHCAKES!
Aside from some minor frosting sticking-to-the-top, I hear …