Strange Booms Heard At Night Throughout Superior In Recent Weeks
Ok, so maybe I am not crazy.  I live in Superior, and there have been several times in the last few nights that I have heard a strange boom outside in the evening.  The other day I swore it was thunder.  Another day it sounded like a bomb went off.  BUT! I'm not the only one…
UFO Filmed By Denver News Station [VIDEO]
A Denver news station claims to have filmed a UFO.  Of course they did just legalize recreational marijuana so I'm sure people are seeing all kinds of things.  Take a look at this report and see what you think.
Rare Sighting Of Bright Object In Twin Ports’ Sky
This is an actual picture taken from the Duluth/Superior Sky.  Reports first came about this bright object around 5:15 am.  It appeared to originate somewhere east over Lake Superior.  So far, locals have been baffled by this object.  Warmer temperatures may accompany this phenom…