Reasons To Deep Fry A Turkey
So I've been talking on air quite a bit about how this year we are frying a turkey for thanksgiving.  I've even shared safety tips about how to do it properly.  Still, some people are stuck in the roasted turkey corner.  Here's my last ditch effort to convince you to co…
Last Minute Turkey Thawing Technique [Video]
Resident food snob at work Steve Tanko told me about this a  couple of years ago.  Now that I've seen a trained Butterball professional do it, I actually believe him (just kidding, Steve).  What do you do if you forgot to thaw out your turkey ahead of time?
How To Cook A Turkey & Cooking Time Table
To be honest, I have never cooked a full turkey.  I've cooked a turducken, ONCE, which is a chicken stuffed in a duck, stuffed in a turkey.  It's oven-baked for hours on a low temperature.  It took forever and STILL wasn't done, we ended up microwaving it!!!!
If it's your first time to cook a turkey,…
Taste Of Home’s Herb Roasted Turkey Recipe
I realize it's still a little over a week away, but the turkey is the BIG DEAL on Thanksgiving Day.  It warrants planning.  If you've made the Thanksgiving Turkey in the past, you know there are several different ways to season it, and bake, grill or deep-fry it.  If you've never made a Thanksgiving…