Keith Urban Pays Tribute To Glenn Frey on Facebook [VIDEO]
Keith Urban posted a video on facebook the other day of him playing the piano and singing to "Take It Easy" as a way to pay tribute to Glenn Frey.   Frey, a founder of the legendary band 'The Eagles' passed away on Monday at the age of 67.  Watch the video …
Breaking Bad Withdrawals? This May Help [VIDEO]
This last Sunday night was tough.  It was the first Sunday since Breaking Bad wrapped up and I felt a little lost.   If you're going through some withdrawals yourself, like me, this video could cheer you up.  It's wonderfully edited.
LeAnn Rimes’ Emotional Tribute To Whitney Houston
I have no idea how a singer can cry, then sing.  I can't even talk after I cry because my nose is so plugged!  I can't even sing, because the music moves me to tears, THEN my nose plugs up.  I grew up loving Whitney Houston's music and apparently she was a mentor to man…