Duluth Converts Several One Way Avenues Into Two Way [VIDEO]
As long as I can remember, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd avenue west have been one way streets.  It's been a little confusing over the years.  Well, Duluth is changing these streets to two way now and it will probably cause confusion again for a while.  We took a drive to see the progress.
Please Stop Turning Onto Belknap At Tower Avenue Intersection
Road construction has been taking place for quite some time now on Belknap Street in Superior.  It's a necessary evil, as this stretch has needed to be fixed for quite some time.  A glaring problem has come up though, and it's frustrated quite a few people.  You aren't supposed to turn from Tower Av…
The Northland Shouldn’t Turn Their Nose Up At Roundabouts
A couple of years ago, a roundabout was put in at the foot of the Bong Bridge in Superior.   People lost their mind.  What is this new confusing circle intersection?  People drove the wrong way on it, failed to yield, and in at least one case drove right over the top of the darn …

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