How Much Is the Tooth Fairy Paying These Days?
Some of us can remember a time when losing a tooth meant that we might find some spare change underneath our pillows the following morning.
However, according to a recent survey by credit card company Visa, the days of a fallen chomper being worth chump change are long gone.
Drunk Man Tries to Pull His Own Tooth
There’s drunk, really drunk and so drunk you think you’re licensed to perform dentistry. A Port St. Lucie, Florida man was so liquored up he attempted to pull his own tooth, forcing his wife to call the cops to get him to stop.
My Wisdom Tooth Extraction
Well as you can see, my wisdom tooth came out.  I've had it in my mouth for probably about 2 years.  I finally had enough of biting my cheek and went in.
First there was the consult, where I decided it would be a lot cheaper not to "go under" with anesthetics...