Gas Prices Expected to Stay Low Through Christmas
It's good news for holiday travelers.  A week ahead of Thanksgiving there are already some gas stations in Minnesota selling gas for under $2 a gallon.  Most of those are in the metro area.  Gas prices in Duluth & Superior are around 2.31 a gallon, and expected to continu…
How Much Exercise Do You Need to Burn Off Thanksgiving Dinner?
It's no secret that the heart and soul of Thanksgiving is food. While those amazing comfort foods of Thanksgiving are mighty tasty, they're also not the healthiest. With the massive amount of calories being eaten in just one sitting, how long would you have to exercise to burn off that mea…
Sourcing Your Thanksgiving Meal for 2 From A Kwik Trip
I take Thanksgiving pretty seriously.  It's my favorite holiday.  Nowadays, I have a huge meal with plenty of family around.   But there was a time when I was a bachelor living out of town and didn't have the resources or need to make a big meal...
Six Things Cathy Is Thankful For, Some May Surprise You
How do you answer such a question.  "What are you thankful for?"  There are 'expected' answers and I'm sure some of mine will be like yours.  Then, there are a few that will leave you scratching your noodle.  Nonetheless, we all have much to be th…
Thanksgiving Dinner in a Blender – The Taste Test [VIDEO]
While Thanksgiving is all about gathering with family and friends and being thankful for what you have, the meal is often the centerpiece of those gatherings. What would happen if you took those traditional comfort foods of the holiday and threw them in a blender? Would the end result be any good?
5 Reasons Thanksgiving Is The Best Holiday
Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  This surprises some people, as the majority of people would pick Christmas as the most fun.  Here's 5 reasons I think Thanksgiving is better, and you can see if you agree.

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