Happy 20th Birthday, Text Messaging!
Although it became a widely used form of communication only recently, texting is actually a decades-old technology. In fact, it celebrated its 20th birthday on Monday, which makes it older than most of the kids who use it. OMG!
Is Texting Ruining the Art Of Conversation?
I was at a bar hosting a party one time. I always make the rounds in the hopes of meeting new people. I look down the bar and all I can see is the din of light from phones on the faces of all the people at the bar. I even went up to a couple and said, "How is your date going?". They said, …
This Is Why You Shouldn’t Walk and Text
Texting and walking is a pretty bad idea, particularly when you’re walking down steps. Which is something the young lady in the background of this live CBC report is bound to remember the next time she tries to look at her phone while navigating a short flight of concrete stairs.
Is Text Messaging the Newest Cure for Addiction?
It turns out suffers from alcohol dependency might be able to kick the habit by doing what comes natural… texting. Yup, a new study has found actual evidence that there may be a health benefit to text messaging.
Research with young problem drinkers found those who sent and received weekly text messag…

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