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Taylor Swift Ditches Fantasy for Reality on Red Tour
Taylor Swift has been cultivating a new image after straightening out her head of curls for a sleeker, more sophisticated look and stepping out in a more mature wardrobe. These changes will also affect her concerts, as Swift is ditching fantasy for reality on her 2013 Red Tour, making her tour appea…
Is Taylor Swift Dating Ed Sheeran?
Taylor Swift has been known to mix work and play -- at least in her songwriting. Now, she is supposedly taking it up a notch, as she is reportedly dating British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran, who is also her Red Tour opener and her collaborator on 'Everything Has Changed.' Is Taylor Swift …
Taylor Swift Reveals Her Biggest Idols in Country Music
Taylor Swift may have been born and raised in Pennsylvania, but the singer is pretty much a Nashville transplant who has adopted Music City as her hometown. Living in the area means she can cross paths with modern country music legends with frequency. Which ones are her ultimate idols? The answer sh…
Screaming Goat Remixes From This Morning’s Show [VIDEO]
This morning we played some hilarious audio from this new "goating" craze.  Videos of people remixing hit songs adding goats to key parts of the chorus are going viral.   We played the audio this morning on the Breakfast Club.  Here they are for your enjoyment.

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