Mother Daughter Tattoos Have A Special Meaning [VIDEO]
My daughter Kylee and I have talked about tattoos somewhere on our bodies since she was too young to get one.  It was our "some day" conversation.  This past Christmas she made our some day closer to reality by giving me a tattoo for a gift.  We got the same tattoo a…
The Meaning Behind A Tattoo, What’s Your Story
Lynn Olmsted is known by two names,  Aunt Lynn, and Grandma Lynnie. I've been asking for your tattoos to show off and if you have a story, to share it. She got a tattoo, and it was quite the decision. My Grandpa Irv, her dad, didn't believe in getting pierced ears or tattoos, esp…
Brantley Gilbert Gets a New Tattoo
Brantley Gilbert is no stranger to being inked. The ACM New Artist of the Year nominee already has at least three tattoos, including one on his left arm that has a skull in it, one on his rib cage and one between his shoulder blades.
Dad Fined for Tattooing Three-Year-Old Son
Georgia resident Eugene Ashley claims he was too drunk to remember giving his then-three-year-old son a tattoo on his shoulder that read "DB," for "Daddy's Boy."
However, the evidence of the 26-year-old's poor judgement remained etched on his boy's arm, and once a Georgia Departme…
No, Your Zodiac Hasn’t Changed
Have you heard that your zodiac sign could be wrong?  If you have zodiac based tattoos like me that would be interesting news, but according to this CNN story there is no need to worry :)