Eric Church’s Comments – Readers Poll
Eric Church‘s comments about television singing competitions have split the country audience. Reader responses to his remarks and perceived insults in the current issue of Rolling Stone were intense, but far from unanimous. There’s little doubt that he voiced an opinion held by…
Best Song About Trucks – Readers Poll
If there’s one thing that just screams country music, it’s a song about a big ol’ truck. Clearly, that’s why so many of the biggest names in the biz have laid their vocal stamp on tunes that describe oversized spinning wheels and extrem…
DNR Needs Your Help With Deer Population Assesment
Do you hunt in any of these areas?  If so, the DNR would like you to take an online survey so they can reach their Deer Goals.  It is important for you to take part so the DNR can get as much information as possible to help set limits for the deer harvest.

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