Are You In A Wheelchair, Help Set A World Record Saturday May 16th
In 2010, Christopher and Dana Reeve (Superman and wife) set a World Record for most people in a moving wheelchair line.  Myrna Peterson and Lee Isaacs are both disability activists and confined to wheelchairs. They are working to get at least 194 people in wheelchairs or scooters to come to Gra…
Watch The Honest Trailer For ‘Man Of Steel’ [VIDEO]
The movie 'Man Of Steel' got mostly positive reviews, despite its detractors.  This is the relaunch of the Superman franchise and like many of the new super hero movies, it takes itself very seriously.  I have no problem with that as 'The Dark Knight' is one of my favor…
A New ‘Man Of Steel’ Trailer Is Released [VIDEO]
Like many little boys, growing up my three favorite heroes were Spiderman, Batman and Superman.  One of my favorite movie memories was going to see the first Christopher Reeve Superman movie at the Norshor Theater with my dad and sisters.

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