Duluth Police Warn Of Fraudulent Gift Cards
I LOVE to get gift cards.  While some people say, the giver didn't put any thought into the gift, I disagree.  They thought, I don't want to get her something she isn't going to use, like or have to waste time to return, so I'll get a gift card and she can get EXACTLY what she wants.  That to me, is…
Police Alert: Vehicle Prowlers Stealing Firearms
Unfortunately, vehicle prowlers are taking advantage of Northland firearm hunters.  They know that the upcoming Deer Hunting season will have people bringing their firearms  in to be cleaned or transported to their hunting shack.  Here's a warning from the Duluth Police Departmen…
Man Discovers His House Was Stolen
A lot of people are losing their homes in this economy, but one Canadian man actually lost his home.
A man outside of Toronto called police after he had returned to his mobile home to find it had disappeared.
Man Steals Beer to Pick Up Women
A man in Jensen Beach, Florida got picked up by police before he picked up any chicks.
Twenty-year-old Anthony Hernandez admitted to police he stole an 18-pack of Bud Light from a 7-Eleven on Monday in the hopes he could use the beer to "score some women."